Vote for This Woman! (You’ll Want To – We Guarantee It)

uncle-samHave you voted?

Ummm… no, we didn’t mean for the presidential race (although we can’t think of a more important election than this one).

Have you voted on which picture we should use of our fabulous and funny spokesmodel, Brandy Beavers? You still can! We’ll be tabulating your votes and using the top-rated choice on our billboards coming to a highway near you soon.

How to vote? Click any picture below and you’ll see a hashtag (#) and title. Simply enter that caption from your favorite picture (e.g., #Bikini_glasses, #Bikini_glasses_brwn, #Bikini_mosaic_no_glasses,  #Bikini_mosaic, #Pssst) below in our comments section, or send us a note from the TransLGX Twitter or Facebook page to vote. Enter by November 1, and just one vote per person please.

Better yet – wanna meet her?

You can! Come by the California Trucking Show in Ontario, California this weekend, October 22 – 23 and stop by the TransLGX booth, #908 to meet Brandy live in the flesh. As if that’s not enough, you can grab one of giveaways while you’re at it.

The best things in life are free!

Don’t let the convention cost stop you from attending. Tickets are free, just go here and follow the prompts:

Learn a thing or two

Besides coming to our booth, voting and picking up some free swag, there are seminars that should appeal to just about everyone in trucking, including:  “How to start your own trucking company” (in English and Spanish), “The changing landscape of trucking in California” and “How to improve cash flow” (also in English and Spanish). More info on the seminars here:

If you’re in the SoCal area, definitely make it a point to stop by the California Trucking Show. It’s sure to be fun and interesting…



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