A New Year, a new president and and we’re kicking off 2017 with a YUGE announcement of our own: Our new trucking directory with 700,000+ (and quickly growing) carriers and owner-operators listed is here! Take a look: translgx.com.
When you’re looking for a trucking company to move your freight, it’s never been easier to find a reliable carrier. All carriers are DOT-verified which you’ll know when you see this marker:
Enter your address, city, state or zip code and you’ll see a list of carriers, sorted by distance from you. Once you select a local carrier, you can view their:
  • Fleet size
  • History and overview
  • Vehicle safety history showing their crashes and violations
  • Inspection history
  • Location and map
  • Cargo category (coming soon!)

With nearly 700,000+ verified trucking companies in just as many locations — and thousands more being added in the very near future — there’s sure to be a DOT verified carrier close by.

Try the directory and let us know your thoughts.

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