Let’s say your job is to sell tires to trucking companies. Where are you finding your customers? Is that the most effective use of your marketing dollars?

Online ads will overtake print ads soon

Are you finding that you’re going online for everything from products to information and entertainment? Everyone else is, too. Macy’s is getting smaller while Amazon continues to grow.  Print media is being squeezed as readers go online for their news and information and cable, satellite and broadcast companies are finding that people are watching more TV from their computers and smart phones than their television sets. Everyone and everything is going online.

Are your ads working?

If you’re putting your advertising budget into a trucking magazine’s print ads, for example, you may have a general idea of who is reading that magazine, according to their circulation numbers. There’s little or no way of knowing if anyone actually saw your ad though, or who it was, how much time was spent looking at your ad, or whether they contacted you as a result.

Online ads can tell you exactly which of your messages are most productive. You can see which of your ads are clicked on, and who clicked them and when.

Going back to the tire company example. If you’re looking to sell tires, who do you think might be looking for them? Maybe you’ll want to find trucking companies that are driving the most miles and therefore have the most wear and tear on their tires. TransLGX can help you sort through more than a million trucking companies in a matter of seconds to identify and target your desired audience.

If you’re an insurance company looking for owner operators with three or fewer trucks and high safety ratings in the southern U.S., TransLGX can help you target just them. If you find later that you want to retarget your demographic by either widening or tightening it, we can give you the flexibility to quickly respond.

Billboards, radio/TV and print advertising can’t do that. And they especially can’t do that with the similar budget that online advertising offers.

Save Marketing Dollars

If you’re looking to advertise without spending vats of cash, look online. Compared to advertising in billboards, magazines, or radio/TV, you won’t find more bang for your buck. This is especially true when you consider the reach that online ads provide.

Now’s the time!

There’s never been a better time to advertise with us at TransLGX. We have banner ads, side ads and even targeted email marketing campaigns that more affordably priced than you would imagine – and it will go just the customer you’re looking for in the trucking world for as little as $250/month. Here’s more info on our ads: TransLGX Ad Info,

Email us now at Support@TransLGX.


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