Why You Should Advertise Online

Let’s say your job is to sell tires to trucking companies. Where are you finding your customers? Is that the most effective use of your marketing dollars?

Online ads will overtake print ads soon

Are you finding that you’re going online for everything from products to information and entertainment? Everyone else is, too. Macy’s is getting smaller while Amazon continues to grow.  Print media is being squeezed as readers go online for their news and information and cable, satellite and broadcast companies are finding that people are watching more TV from their computers and smart phones than their television sets. Everyone and everything is going online.

Are your ads working?

If you’re putting your advertising budget into a trucking magazine’s print ads, for example, you may have a general idea of who is reading that magazine, according to their circulation numbers. There’s little or no way of knowing if anyone actually saw your ad though, or who it was, how much time was spent looking at your ad, or whether they contacted you as a result.

Online ads can tell you exactly which of your messages are most productive. You can see which of your ads are clicked on, and who clicked them and when.

Going back to the tire company example. If you’re looking to sell tires, who do you think might be looking for them? Maybe you’ll want to find trucking companies that are driving the most miles and therefore have the most wear and tear on their tires. TransLGX can help you sort through more than a million trucking companies in a matter of seconds to identify and target your desired audience.

If you’re an insurance company looking for owner operators with three or fewer trucks and high safety ratings in the southern U.S., TransLGX can help you target just them. If you find later that you want to retarget your demographic by either widening or tightening it, we can give you the flexibility to quickly respond.

Billboards, radio/TV and print advertising can’t do that. And they especially can’t do that with the similar budget that online advertising offers.

Save Marketing Dollars

If you’re looking to advertise without spending vats of cash, look online. Compared to advertising in billboards, magazines, or radio/TV, you won’t find more bang for your buck. This is especially true when you consider the reach that online ads provide.

Now’s the time!

There’s never been a better time to advertise with us at TransLGX. We have banner ads, side ads and even targeted email marketing campaigns that more affordably priced than you would imagine – and it will go just the customer you’re looking for in the trucking world for as little as $250/month. Here’s more info on our ads: TransLGX Ad Info,

Email us now at Support@TransLGX.


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It’s the Infrastructure, Stupid

highway night

There’s been almost daily talk about the infrastructure lately. Americans and its politicians can agree, if nothing else, that there’s much to do in this arena what with our crumbling bridges (literally, see Atlanta) and roads (too many to mention), water (see Flint), and dams (see Oroville), and so forth. All of which are badly in need of some major TLC.

The American Society of Civil Engineers grades the U.S. infrastructure every four years and last year we earned yet another D (albeit a D+!). A barely passable grade is not where we want to be consistent, of course.

According to their 2016 report: “The cost of deteriorating infrastructure takes a toll on families’ disposable household income and impacts the quality and quantity of jobs in the U.S. economy…. From 2016 to 2025, each household will lose $3,400 each year in disposable income due to infrastructure deficiencies.”

President Trump’s infrastructure promises are welcome news for everyone. Democrats had hoped that this may be one area for bipartisan cooperation.

After some missteps and Trump’s repeal and replace of Obamacare was stymied, it’s difficult to know which direction he’ll go. His appointee, Elaine Chao as the U.S. Secretary of Transportation promises new plans that may include private investment. The plan would include “a strategic, targeted program of investment valued at $1 trillion over 10 years. The proposal will cover more than transportation infrastructure, it will include energy, water and potentially broadband and veterans hospitals as well.”

While some may look at private investment as free money, others worry that private investment may have hidden costs including reduced environmental regulations and also less or no oversight by the communities it will be affecting.

Currently, there’s lots of talk by the states figuring out how to fund its infrastructure packages.

California just passed a massive tax and fee package to the tune of $52 billion. This transportation tax and fee package will pay for its decaying set of roads, bridges and highways. By raising gas taxes and vehicle fees an additional $5.2 billion per year, it’s hoping to reverse a $123 billion backlog of transportation-related work around the state. For California truckers this translates to an extra $.20/gallon on diesel and diesel sales tax will jump 4%.

President Trump and Transportation Chao promised a $1 trillion plan by the end of the year. Until then, we’ll be waiting with bated breath.


Want more infrastructure info? Overdrive Online posted information on a new documentary regarding the U.S. infrastructure. More info on that here.


Memories & Shouts-Outs From MATS 2017

home-pageWe had an amazing and productive time at the Mid America Trucking Show which just ended last week. The feedback and input we received from the truckers and trucking community was invaluable.

We met a ton of great new people such as Willie Andrus at Thunder Funding, Robert James from Gulf Coast and Kate Fenton from Jack Nadel International.

We also ran into some old friends from the California Trucking Show in Ontario such as Mike Brady from Russ Darrow Leasing and Alex Johnson and Phil Johnson from LoadExpress.

Here are some of our pictures from the Show. Enjoy!


We’re looking forward to catching up with you all again soon!

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Playing Hide-&-Go-Seek Alone?


We’ve all played hide-and-go-seek, but have you ever played alone?

Taking the words from Mia Wallace in “Pulp Fiction” that would be an “exercise in futility.”

Know what else would be pointless? Trying to find customers when they can’t find you.

Enter TransLGX. Our trucking directory lists over a million trucking companies where you can search by address, by region or by DOT number.  If you’re looking for a list of trucking companies within 50 miles of Louisville, Kentucky (where we’ll be for the Mid America Trucking Show this week, by the way!), just go to our home page here type in the city and state and the range you’re looking for and you’ll see 864 pages of trucking companies within 50 miles of Louisville.

If you’re a trucking company and haven’t looked up your own company yet take this moment to look now. Go on, we’ll wait.

You can claim your company, check its accuracy regarding your address, fleet size, safety records, inspections, and ratings. You can copy and save the link to send to your favorite customers to get some (hopefully positive!) reviews.

And this is just the beginning, folks. There’s a lot more features coming in the very near future.

Are you going to be at the Mid America Trucking Show? So will we! Come by our booth (#63165) and we’ll show you first-hand what we’re doing and what’s about to come.

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We Did in 7 Months What McDonald’s Took 10 Years

It took us just seven months what McDonald’s took 10 years to accomplish.

We hit one million. Yessiree, the TransLGX directory now lists one million trucking companies.

Dr Evil.gif

McDonald’s needed a decade to hit one million hamburgers sold.

We reached almost 1.5 million truckers and trucking companies in what is now the nation’s largest trucking directory, exceeding even our own expectations.

Have you checked it out? Take a look here to claim your listing or make additions or changes if necessary. If you’re not listed, you can add your listing here.

It’s funny but true: your customers won’t hire you if they can’t find you.

The listing is free and all listings are DOT verified.

While we have you, are you going to the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky? If so, we’ll be there so stop by! Come say hey at our booth, #63165. We’ll see you there!


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